Why do you choose the ‘JAREK 5/ARONIC ’ harvester to be the first choice for harvesting Aronia berry worldwide?

During the last few years, Aronia berries have risen in popularity among consumers eager to incorporate more superfoods into their diet which include a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Why do we have to know more about Aronia?

  1. Why are aronia berries so healthy?

Powerful antioxidants: the Polyphenols (2080 mg/100g to 2556 mg/100g) and (160.2 ORAC μ molTE /g)

Aronia berries are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibers including:

  • Vitamin C 137 mg/kg
  • Vitamin B 6,7 mg/kg
  • Tocopherol 7,1 mg/kg
  • Vitamin K 242 μ g/ kg
  • Folate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc

A number of studies have been proved the health benefits of Aronia berries. The studies indicate that these berries may be able to help with conditions like cancer, diabetes, and organ damage, lower blood pressure, help in treating radiation sickness, are valuable in a diabetic diet, improve insulin sensitivity and help preserve memory and efficient brain functioning

Can be added fresh Aronia berries to many recipes,  juices, jams, and syrups, or to be used as a supplement.

2. Easy to lead plantation and great for organic farming:

The origin of Aronia berries is from North America with a bush size up to 2m tall (6.5 feet). The Flowers are white and produced in corymbs 5 to 6 cm (1.9 to 2.3 Inches) of ca. 20 25 together

  • The period of fruit formation in various years is 80 90 days
  • The fruit set quickly, which almost eliminates the effect of the late freeze
  • The Aronia’s fruit is black, globoid, or oval with a light waxy bloom
  • The productive period is sometimes more than 20 years
  • The annual fruit yield is 10 to 13 tones per hectare ( 2.5 Acres)


For over 20 years, we are specialized in producing berry harvesters for Aronia berries. We were among the first constructors and manufacturers of the first berry harvester in Europe as a continuation of traditions of the Experimental Mechanization Plant of Horticulture at the Institute Inhort. The harvester is constantly developing and recently we provide harvesters for different sizes of berry farms:

Choosing the right harvester based on the plantation conditions:

The modular design allows adjusting the harvester to customer needs and on different plantation conditions. We guarantee the highest standards in terms of harvest accuracy and the machine performance in the market

Full row berry harvester

We offer 3 harvesters for Aronia berry:

  1. ARONIC half-row Aronia harvester is recommended for plantations up to (10 to 15 hectares = 25 to 40 acres)
  2. Full-row berry harvester OSKAR A01 attached to the tractor is recommended for plantations up to (30 hectares)
  3. self-propelled berry harvester OSKAR 4WD is recommended for plantations up to 50 ha

The accuracy of the collection is 98% and the amount of impurities and damaged fruit does not exceed 1%.

Download the link to know more about how to plant Aronia berries from planting to harvesting

Aronia Harvester OSKAR A01