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Berry Harvester Machine OSKAR A01 – Pull Type

  • OSKAR A01 Berry Harvesting Machine: Efficient Harvesting for Maximum Yields
    Introducing the advanced OSKAR A01 berry harvester machine, designed to revolutionize the harvesting process and elevate your berry production.

The OSKAR A01 Berry Harvester Machine for Efficient and Cost-Effective Berry Picking

The OSKAR A01 berry harvester is an innovative machine designed to reform the berry harvesting industry. This attached machine to tractor excels in collecting berries from a wide range of berry bushes, including blackcurrants, redcurrants, white-currants, Aronia berry (chokeberries), gooseberries, Haskap (honeyberries), autumn-fruiting raspberries, saskatoon berries, and rose hips.

Récolteuse de l’aronia OSKAR A01

Unmatched Efficiency:

  • The OSKAR A01 boasts an impressive harvest accuracy of 95-99%
  • Working speed: 0.7 km/h to 1.8 km/h
  • Output harvest: 0.2 ha/h to 0.4 ha/h
  • Number of rotor picking heads: 2
  • Tractor capacity: Min 70 HP

Upgrade to the OSKAR A01, a remarkable berry harvester machine designed with farmers in mind. Its unique and exclusive features:

  • Asymmetric Shaker Placement: The shakers are positioned asymmetrically to effectively shake off berries from both high and low bushes without damaging the bushes, making it versatile for harvesting various berry varieties without losses.
  • Hydraulic Shakers Tilt Control: An innovative system allows for adjusting the shaker tilt, tailoring the shaking action to specific berries and plant structures.
  • Adaptive Shaking System: The OSKAR A01 utilizes diverse shaking elements (metal and plastic) and high-density double-unit fingers, optimizing berry collection for various types, maturity levels, and attachment strengths.
A photorealistic image of the OSKAR A01 berry harvester machine gliding through a field of ripe raspberries. The bright red berries contrast with the sleek green machine, showcasing its gentle harvesting process.

Advanced Features for Unparalleled Performance, Where efficiency meets affordability.

  • Steering Wheels for Enhanced Maneuverability: The steering wheels provide a turning radius, particularly beneficial during U-turns and tight spaces.
  • Adjustable Width for Transport and Working Positions: The axle ride can be extended for harvesting and narrowed for transport, making it maneuverable on both public roads and within the plantation.
  • Wireless Control Panel for Convenient Operation: The wireless control panel can be operated from the tractor cabin or the harvester itself.
  • Collecting Fruits in Small or Big Boxes: The machine can accommodate both small and large collection boxes in the standard version, and more options adapting to different harvesting needs.
  • Protective Roofs and Working Lights for Optimal Visibility: The harvester is equipped with both drive and working lights, ensuring clear visibility during nighttime berry harvesting or low-light conditions
Mounting method to tractor 3-point linkage Category 2
Shaking fruits Head 2 ( 920, BOS or Aronic)
Number of harvested row 1
Tractor Capacity Min. 44 kW/60 HP
Harvesting Capacity Up to 0.5 ha/hour
Harvest Accuracy Up to 98%
Speed 0.8 to 2 km/h
Drive of working units Hydraulic pump through the transmission
Height 2 400 → 2 450 (mm)
Length 5 000 → 6 400 (mm)
Width 2 880 → 4 600 (mm)
Required staff Tractor operator + 2
Weight 3 600 To 4 000 Kg
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