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JAGODA JPS provides agricultural machines service for 2 year-round sales of spare parts and professional warranty and post-warranty service. Regular pre- and post-season inspection of your machines are of high significance for the durability.

We offer repairs and overhauls of all the machines of our production. We provide maintenance services both in-house as well as in a place designated by the customer. Professionalism, many years of experience of our employees and good machine shop equipment allows us to perform professional repairs and maintenance of machinery that you have purchased. In the case of issues with the machines, our experienced mechanic or constructor can provide initial telephone advice and arrange a visit to your farm.

We encourage our customers to service the machines and to purchase spare parts before the high season in order to avoid waiting in the period of greater demand.

Our clients know that our routine agriculture equipment maintenance keeps the equipment in good condition so that when it’s time to act, your equipment is ready and waiting. A Midwest farming in united states reports that farmers can cut repair costs by 25% by keeping up with routine maintenance.

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