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Farm Machinery Manufacturer

Over 30 years of experience, JAGODA JPS Agromachines is a farm machinery manufacturer and is a leading designer and manufacturer of berry fruits harvesters. The high experience of JAGODA JPS started in 1980 by three engineers (JPS: B.Jaworski, J.Placek & S.Szafrański) who were previously working together in the Experimental  Horticulture Mechanization Institute in Skierniewice, the capital of fruit science in Poland.

JAGODA JPS Agromachines

They were among the first constructors and manufacturers of the first berry harvester in Europe. JAGODA JPS was established since 1997 as a continuation of traditions of Experimental Mechanization Plant of Horticulture at the Institute.

Over time, the production of own machines have started and over the years the company assortment has been constantly developing.

In 2000 JAGODA JPS launched first half-row fruit harvester of own production. The design of the machine was developed and optimized accordingly to the latest cognitions.  The harvester has been constantly improved and refined and nowadays the JAREK 5 half-row berry harvester is considered by European fruit growers as number one in terms of quality, innovation and performance.

Apart from top of the line berry harvesters and stone fruit shakers, JAGODA JPS has also developed a wide range of high quality and cost-effective orchard care solutions. Nowadays JAGODA JPS offers highly mechanized horticultural solutions for the whole crop cycle:  planters, herbicide spray booms, weeders, mower shredders, bush trimmers, rotary slasher machines. Many designs have been patented and protected by law as utility models. The machines of JAGODA JPS production are being constantly upgrading to the latest technologies and top-standards gaining the highest recognition in the horticulture industry.

In 2015 JAGODA JPS in cooperation with the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice (InHort) produced the self-propelled berry OSCAR 4WD, the harvester has been awarded 5 times as the most innovative and significant contribution to the development of Polish horticulture products. The last award was granted in 2019 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland.

Currently, JAGODA JPS is the leading manufacturer of farm machinery in Poland and is recognized worldwide. In particular, we specialize in the production of berry fruits harvesters, such as currants, gooseberries, aronia, haskap, saskatoon, raspberry, cherry, plum, etc. We are also developing another assortment, including the equipment for micro tractors and machines for the care of orchards and plantations such stone fruit shakers, planters, mower-shredders, herbicide spray booms, weeders, mower shredders, bush trimmers, rotary slasher machines.

Our machines are being delivered  to over 20 countries. We are selling and servicing our machines in Europe as well as in USA and Canada.


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