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Sour Cherries and Plums Harvester Machine G-004

Sour Cherries and Plums Harvester Machine G-004

  • tree shaking machine G-004 JAGODA JPS
    tree shaking machine

Fruit shaking machine G-004 is intended for harvesting sour cherries, plums, hazelnuts, almonds, and others.

G-004 is a shaking machine that will be adapted to suit the precise needs of fruit growers that can be used in orchards with different distances between trees in a row.

The harvester is equipped with:

  • The fruit tree shaker G-004 trailed to a tractor with hydraulic drives ( included: oil tank and pump)
  • An effective system for clean fruits
  • Collecting fruits into the small or big boxes ( standard option)
  • Output 0.09 t0 o.1 Ha/hour
  • The innovative shaking head guarantee quite an operation and is much more gentle for trees than other shaking head by changing the shaking force of the rotating weight that can be used for different fruits (trunk diameter from 5 cm to 22 cm)
  • High-quality fruits & high reliability with performance up to 99%
  • In order to operate G-004 three or four people are needed: one tractor driver and 2-to 3 persons to handle the tree shaker.

In case the trunk diameter of the tree is above 22 cm, we recommend PESTKA Trunk shaker as it can reach the main branches of the wide trunks of the trees.

Technical specifications
Mounting method 3 points linkage Category 2
Drive External hydraulics of the tractor – control of harvester’s operating assembly. A drive of work groups – hydraulic pump through the transmission.
LENGTH 9000 mm
Width 2000 mm
Height 2200 mm
Weight 1800 Kg
Scope of paws grip 50 – 220 mm
Harvest accuracy Up. 99 %
Number of operators (collection to pallet-boxes) 3 to 4
Collection Fruits boxes 500 Kg (400x600x150)mm or Small Boxes 10 kg
Output around 0.09 to 0.1 ha/hour
Plantation requirements
Space between rows min 2 m
Space between trees in a row Any distances between trees ( screen can be adjusted)
Trunk height min 0.7 m