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Rope Tree Shaker RS-100

Rope tree shaker: simple, reliable, efficient

The rope tree shaker RS100 can save time and labour especially for farmers who have few trees. it designed to harvest stone fruits for big, medium and small trees such as walnuts, almonds, apricots, plums, sour-cherries, olives, cider and others.

The RS 100 shaker is mounted via the three-point linkage at the front or rear of the tractor and it is driven by a PTO with a profile 1 3/8 ” 6 splines.

  • It is equipped with a steel rope 10 m long and 8 mm in diameter, which is attached to a branch or trunk of a shaken tree. Other rope lengths are also available on request.
  • Additional options: the machine has an option to use a telescopic pole with a length up to 6 m, which greatly facilitates hooking the rope.
  • The device is designed for both small and big trees.
  • The output from 10 to 25 Trees/Hour depend on the size of trees.

We recommend our GACEK harvester with a cleaning system for plantation above 5 ha and PESTKA trunk shaker for plantation size below 5 ha.

Technical specifications
Mounting method 3-point Linkage CAT 2 Front and Rear
Rope length 10 m (other lengths available on request)
Rope diameter 8 mm
Telescopic pole Length optional 6 m
PTO Profile 1.3 / 8 ”PTO profile 6 splines
Width 870mm
Output 10- 15 Trees/Hour depend on the size of trees
Height 840mm
Length 520 mm
Weight 70 kg