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Inter row Weeder Machine LUCY

  • Weeding Machine

One-sided inter-row weeder machine LUCY – Reduces your costs and your environmental impact!

LUCY – an innovative, hydraulically powered auto weeding machine is intended for destroying weeds in orchards of fruit trees, plantations of berry bushes vineyards, apples, apricots, blueberries, nuts orchards, cherries, figs, grapes, kumquat, lemon, lime, mulberry, olives, plums, papaws, orange, pears, persimmons, pomegranate and more other.

  • Innovative solution for inter-row weeder machine and inter-plant weed control: The auto weeding machine with hydraulically adjustable width allows for use in crops with different row widths. Depending on the plantation conditions, the size of weeds or the hardness of the soil, the automatic weeder LUCY can be used with heads that are equipped with different types of claws.
  • High precision weeding: The rotating working heads weed the strip of field between plants. Arriving at the trunk, they automatically move away from it, and after “moving around” the obstacle, return to the previous setting. This solution permits to avoidance of any risk of plant damage.
  • High efficiency and non-hazardous operation without a human operator: The automatic weeding machine LUCY is controlled by means of an electric console located in the tractor cab
  • No longer any need for herbicide shower: The inter-row weeder machine LUCY allows reducing significantly or even eliminate the use of herbicides in fruit productions.

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Technical specifications
Mounting method Three-point linkage system. Front of the tractor or special bracket (depending on the tractor model)
Drive Tractor’s hydraulics
Oil demand 25 l/min
The diameter of the weeding head 300 mm
Number of operators 1 (tractor’s operator)
Working speed about 3 km/h
Transport speed 20 km/h
Max working width 2400 mm
Min working width 2 500 mm
Transport Width 2 200 mm
Length 1 176 mm
Height 1 157 mm
Weigh 180 kg

Standard head, diameter 300 mm

Head with daggers (knives), diameter 300 mm


Standard head with a thick claw, diameter 300 mm

Small head, daggers/claws diameter 225 mm