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Hydraulic Weeder ZUZA 3

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Mechanical Hydraulic Weeder ZUZA 3.

A hydraulic mechanical weeder is designed for mechanical weed control in fruit farms with crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow the tractor to pass on a cultivated lane.  This reduces the cost of maintenance and facilitates keeping these crops. The hydraulic weeder machine is perfect for organic fruit farming, and can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of herbicides in fruit plantations.

The mechanical vegetable weeder ZUZA 3 with rotary discs is suitable for weed control between and around plants on a row, the aim is to fit different plants and possible weeding in fields with different row spacings under various types of soils for organic farming.

The weeder has been working in many plantations for over 15 years, and more than 2,000 units sold of weeder ZUZA 3  which has been confirmed by a large group of satisfied customers and has been constantly developing.

Eco hydraulic weeder for vegetables ZUZA 3 is adapted for weeding rows of vegetable crops such as lavender, lettuce, pumpkins, rhubarb, corn, strawberries, young currants, Aronia berries, flowers, tobacco, peppers, cucumbers, cabbages, green beans, sunflower, soybean, leeks, tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus, nurseries, cauliflowers, hemp, aromatic and medicinal herbs, and other plants up to a height of 0.55 meters.

Vegetables weeder ZUZA 3

Specification of rotary discs:

  • Rotary discs  are available in two sizes: small 225 mm and big 300 mm
  • Rotary discs are equipped with 3-pairs of spring claws or/and vertical knives (recommended to be used on hard soil).
  • Adjustable working depth from 1 cm to 4 cm. It is set by changing the relative position of the rotor discs and the support plate, which copies the weeding area.
  • Reversible rotary discs motion
  • The mechanical weeder is equipped with a valve to regulate the speed of the rotary discs.
  • Adjustable sweep cover of rotor discs.
hydraulic Mechanical weeder ZUZA 3

Why the mechanical weeder ZUZA 3 is the bestseller in the market:

  • Adjustable seat and it’s equipped with a seatbelt
  • Adjustable wheels, feet, and handles
  • Mechanical shifting by 40 cm on the frame for each row.
  • Adjustment to row spacing: mechanical for all versions as standard or optional for hydraulic
  • The mechanical hydraulic weeder ZUZA 3 is produced in various versions: single, double, and triple row
  • The creative design of our mechanical weeder allows the farmers to save time and money as it will replace 6 to 8 workers
Hydraulic Weeder ZUZA 3


  • Joysticks control instead of mobile arms with 2 hydraulic cylinders in each row to eliminate the requirement of physical strength and increase the working hours on the device ( All Versions)
  • The internal hydraulic kit is equipped with a hydraulic power kit equipped with (storage oil tank 75 liters + multiplier + pump + 75 liters oil tank + cooling radiator) for eliminating the overheating risk as the cooling system inside the machine maintains the proper temperature of the hydraulic system and increases the working hours on the device with high efficiency without using the hydraulic pump of the tractor. (All versions)
  • The hydraulic displacement between rows for double and triple-row. The mechanical hydraulic weeder can fit the different distances between rows by using hydraulic cylinders


Hydraulic Mechanical weeder ZUZA 3

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Version Single-Row Double- Rows Triple -Row
Mounting method to tractor 3-point linkage Category 2 (rear of the tractor)
Length (cm) 222 cm 222 cm 222 cm
Height (cm) 215 cm 215 cm 215 cm
Shipment Width (cm) 124 cm 240 cm 260 cm
Max Working Width (cm) 155 cm 300 cm 430 cm
Weeding Depth 1-4 cm 1-4 cm 1-4 cm
Weeding Head  Size (cm) 22.5 or 30 cm 22.5 or 30 cm 22.5 or 30 cm
Working Speed 1 – 3 km/h 1 – 3 km/h 1 – 3 km/h
Output 0.5 – 1 ha/h 1 – 2 ha/h 1.5 – 3 ha/h
Oil Requirement (l/min) 20 l/min 40 l/min External Hydraulic System
Adjustment To The Row Spacing Shifting the axle  of the tractor by 20 cm on each side Optional

Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic Cylinders

Staff Required Operator + 1 Operator + 2 Operator + 3
Weight 250 kg 470 kg 1000 kg

Automatic Single row ZUZA 3A

Triple-Row Vegetables Weeder

Single-Row Weeder ZUZA 3