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Herbicide beams for orchards TELMA

  • TELMA herbicydowa sadownicza
    herbicydowa sadownicza

Herbicide beams for orchards TELMA

Herbicide Spray Boom for tree orchards TELMA

Is designed to control the weeds in tree orchards. TELMA can also fight weeds under bushes in the plantations of berry shrubs.

  • TELMA herbicide spray boom for tree orchards is mounted in front of the tractor. The hydraulic system allows ejecting working parts (left or right independently) depending on the width of rows and the lifting and lowering. The structure enables simultaneous spraying with both modules, as well as with one module depending on needs. Lifting the boom to the transport position is also hydraulic.
  • Fully hydraulic and equipped with electro-valve to be located in the tractor cabin.
  • The working part of TELMA is mounted pivotally to the part of the carrier. Rotating wheel encountering the resistance of the trunk pulls the working part what allows spraying alongside the trunk of the tree and protects the boom from damage.
  • Three high-quality sprayers (symmetrical and asymmetrical) are mounted under the cover of stainless steel. The front and back cover is extended by a flexible, transparent apron that reaches the ground as the anti-drift spray on windy days. After removing the front cover part, it is possible to significantly increase the width of the spray.
  • Equipped with storage and transport stand

The construction of TELMA  Herbicide Spray Boom is protected by copyright as a Utility Model.

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Technical specifications
Attaching to the tractor Bracket for the appropriate tractor
Length (without bracket) 737 mm
Min working width 2 x 2 500 mm (5 000 mm)
Max working width 2 x 1 500 mm (3 000 mm)
Injecting / lifting/leaning working part hydraulic
Max working height 1 770 mm
Spray width 1080 mm (2 300 mm without shields)
Spray pressure 2-4 bar
Lifting the working part hydraulic
Scope of lifting the working part 200 mm
Weight 135 kg
Working speed up to 10 km/ha
Working capacity 1 – 2 ha/h