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Herbicide Beam for Blueberries TOLA

  • Herbicide Beam for Blueberries
    Herbicide Beam for Blueberries TOLA

Herbicide beam for Blueberries TOLA  is designed to control weeds under blueberry bushes and can also be used with other berry shrubs as well as trees.

  • Herbicide beam for blueberries TOLA is mounted in front of the tractor. The hydraulic system ejects the spraying part (left / right side independently) which can then be adjusted to the row width and can be tilted, lifted and lowered.
  • The structure of herbicide sprayer TOLA allows spraying with both modules simultaneously or with just right or left, depending on the needs.
  • The spraying module, encountering the resistance of shrub or tree, is slightly pushed back, which allows close and precise spraying around the bush. The position of the spraying module can be adapted at different angles with respect to berry bushes. The special design of the modules protects the ballast of bark covering the blueberry shrubs and protects the green parts against spraying.
  • After installing a dedicated element it is possible to spray between the shrubs of each row.

Construction of the beam is protected by copyright as a Utility Model.

For herbicide beam for berry bushes, we invite you to visit our page TEKLA

Technical specifications
Attaching to the tractor Bracket for the appropriate tractor
Length (without bracket) 634 mm
Min working width 2 x 1 490 mm (2 980 mm)
Max working width 2 x 1 810 mm (3 620 mm)
Injecting / lifting/leaning working part hydraulic
Max working height 1 026 mm
Spray width 634 mm
Spray pressure 2-4 bar
Lifting the working part hydraulic
Scope of lifting the working part 200 mm
Weight 135 kg
Working speed up to 10 km/ha
Working capacity 1 – 2 ha/h

Herbicide beams for blueberries TOLA