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Harvester for currants, haskaps, gooseberry JAREK 5

JAREK 5 is the latest version of the half-raw harvester designed to collect berries such as blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, autumn-fruiting raspberries, saskatoon berries, rose hips and haskap have also known as (honeyberries) harvester.

JAREK 5 is a versatile harvesting machine that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of berry growers. Check the example versions: Aronia Harvester ARONIC and Raspberry Harvester JAREK.

  • Working elements of the harvester’s drive are fully hydraulic. Tractor’s PTO drives black currants and haskap harvester through a hydraulic pump gear.
  • JAREK design enables an installation of one or two shakers (to be decided by the customer when ordering), the version with 2 shakers being more popular. Two-shaker design has had better results with most varieties of berries; fruits were gathered more accurately and shrubs were less damaged.
  • A wide range of adjustment to the shaker’s elements and the possibility of low-mount of “sun-shaped” shaking elements enables the collection from both high and low shrubs.
  • The harvest of berries from very low shrubs may result in lower accuracy.
  • The ‘sun-shaped’ shakers can be equipped with metal (20 items) or plastic (24 items) fingers.
  • We provide service and spare parts for all our machines.
  • The configuration of every harvester and the accompanying equipment is agreed individually following the grower’s needs. Our team will help choose the best configuration. Please contact us through the contact form on the left, to discuss the options.
Attaching method Hook to the tractor joist. Category 2
Drive External hydraulics of the tractor – control of harvester’s operating assembly. A drive of workgroups – hydraulic pump through the transmission.
Tractor power demand Min. 22 kW / 30 KM
Working speed 0.6-1.5 km/h
Output 0.1-0.2 ha/h
Width 2 400 mm
Length 6 100 mm
Height 2 500 mm (without roof 2 000 mm)
Weight 1 850 kgs
Required staff Tractor operator + 1