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Bush Trimmer FORMER

  • Bush Trimmer

Bush Trimmer FORMER is designed to prune and form rows of berry bushes into V-shaped shrubs. It is an important step in preparations for a fast and efficient collection of berry bushes with harvesters. FORMER can be used on fruit farms of berry bushes such as black currants, Aronia berry, gooseberry, and more.

How our Bush Trimmer FORMER helps to optimize growth capacity on your plantation :

Trimming and pruning prevent the excessive growth of the shoots and facilitate mechanical harvesting. Pruning berry shrubs also favour increased yields especially in the second year after cutting. FORMER greatly simplifies the most laborious stage of maintenance of berry shrubs on plantations and farms. The unnecessary shoots in the middle of the bush must be pruned manually.

  • FORMER is attached to the front of the tractor and driven by hydraulic oil from inside the tractor.
  • The part that joins FORMER to the tractor consists of a bracket and bar with a hydraulic cylinder. This element is also used in our weed spraying boom TEKLA designed to spray herbicides under berry bushes such as blackcurrants, Aronia berries, gooseberries and similar bushes. Growers interested in both machines, can order only one mounting element and use it for both FORMER and TEKLA, which would reduce the cost of the order.
  • The method of mounting the berry bush cutter to the tractor must be agreed upon when placing the order. Please specify the tractor’s hydraulic pump output. In case of outputs superior to 35 l / min, the oil flow controller should be used or FORMER’s engine changed. Please contact us through the contact form on the left to find out more and to discuss further details.

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Technical specifications
Mounting method The bracket of the front pillar – common with herbicide boom TEKLA. Category 2
The working assembly diagonally adjustable Hand-threaded screw
Height 800 mm
Working width 1 800 mm
Working height 1 150 mm
Working speed 1 – 3 km/h
Tractor’s hydraulic pump output 18-25 l/min
Weight 110 kgs