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Rotary Slashers Machine for Currants KRET

Rotary slashers machine KRET

Is designed to shred the stumps and roots of currant bushes after cutting the aboveground parts of berry shrubs.  KRET enables a faster and more efficient soil preparation for replanting. KRET is suitable for berry plantations such as blackcurrants, Aronia berries, raspberries, and other varieties of shrubs.

  • Root slasher KRET is characterized by a simple construction and reliable operation. The effect of grinding largely depends on the soil type and the size of the snag.
  • The working element is a rotor with a vertical axis with four attached blades. During operation, it may be necessary to weigh on the grubber from balance: blocks concrete size [38cm x 24cm x 12cm]
  • The rotor drive is transmitted from the tractor’s PTO through the articulated telescopic shaft and angular gear.


Technical specifications
Length 1 280 mm
Width 1 410 mm
Height 1 080 mm
Rotor diameter 650 mm
Transport speed up to 20 km/h
Working speed 1,0- 3,5 km/h
Output 0,25- 0,8 ha/h
Cooperating tractor min 45 kW (60 HP)
Weight 150 kgs
Weight with blocks (4 pcs) 250 kgs