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Pneumatic Shears and Accessories

JAGODA JPS is offering pneumatic equipment ‘Made in Italy’ from CAMAGNOLA and PATERLINI and we provide the service and spare parts.

For the professional pruning of plants, trees, bushes, vines and olive trees, we offer a diversified line of pneumatic shears, pneumatic pruners from small shears, for medium-size jobs, to professional shears for orchards and vineyards.

Pneumatic shears:

JAGODA JPS provides a pneumatic shear with a reduced diameter, double-piston, but with an excellent cutting capacity. It is fitted with a techno-polymer body and a highly resistant, forged steel blade group. It is manufactured in different versions, for orchard or for vineyard pruning, and is a vibration- and kickback-effect-free shear.


  • Star 30
  • Victory
  • Star 40


  • Futura Frutteto
  • Baby
  • Magic 4


Accessories include different models of extension rods, polyurethane or Rilsan connection tubes, winders for optimal replacement of the tubes, oil for equipment maintenance, in addition to numerous other accessories for various functions, such as couplers, shear disassemblers, holsters, filters, heads, and locking ferrules for handles.

JAGODA JPS offers a wide range of accessories to further improve the efficiency and comfort of agricultural work.

  • Connection tubes
  • Pneumatic Extensions
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Handles
  • Winders

LASER is an extremely quick and powerful pneumatic chain pruner. It does not emit noise, vibrations or discharge gas. It is characterized by a magnesium alloy body, an ergonomic hand grip and a hand protection with a chain brake.

The chain is automatically lubricated by a pump. This chainsaw can cut branches with a diameter up to 20 cm and is fitted with a 8”, a 10” or a “carving” bar.

Laser 3/8″ Laser 1/4″
WEIGHT 2450 gr 2450 gr
PRESSURE 10 bar 10 bar
AIR CONSUMPTION 430 l/min 430 l/min
BAR 10” 8” / 10” / CARVING 10”
CHAIN 3/8″ 1/4″
CHAIN SPEED 11 m/sec 11 m/sec