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Orchard Bin Trailer Platform for 3 boxes

Orchard bin trailer platforms H3 and HM3 are self-unloading trailers designed for transporting orchard fruit bins.

  • HM3 has wider steps for picking directly into bins on the trailer,
  • Anti-sliding position and blocker during harvest and transportation
  • Unloading pallet boxes on HM3 follow the inclination of the trolley with a manual hydraulic pump, and H3 is controlled by tractor shaft holder mounting.
  • The orchard carts are a heavy-duty construction that accommodates 3 bins
  • H3 are designed also to collect berry fruits harvested by our berry harvesters 
Version HM 3 (3-Pallets) H3 ( 3-Pallets)
Length 4019 mm 3620-4200 mm
Width 1833 mm 1450 mm
Transport / Working Height 712 – 1050 mm 441 mm
Capacity max. 1500 kg max. 1500 kg
Dimensions of the box 1000x1200x790 mm
Tire pressure max. 3,4 Bar max. 3,4 Bar
No of wheels 3 4 (2 left+2 right)
Weight 300 kg 260 kg
Steps into bin Yes