Maszyny Sadownicze, Ogrodnicze i Rolnicze Producent JAGODA JPS

Mower-shredder JAGODA

The rotary cutters shredder machine JAGODA is produced in version 1.6 meter. This model is popular both in the fruit farms and orchards and in the berry bushes plantations. The body is made of metal sheet and a cutting element of the rotating rotor blades and one counter blade. This allows to crumble the mowing mass as well as shredding branches up to 30 mm in diameter.

  • Using rotary cutters shredder machine is possible by the symmetrical mounting as well as by a shift of axis of the tractor to the left or to the right side, depending on the model version.
  • Cutting height is regulated by a back supporting shaft and the hydraulic tractor’s lift.
  • JAGODA PLUS mower is produced in 2 versions regarding axis shift:
    – manual
    – hydraulic
Technical specifications
Mounting method Three-point linkage from the back. Category 1
Length 2 070 mm
Width 1 710 mm
Height 850 mm
Cutting height regulation Manual by supporting wheel and the tractor’s hydraulic lift
Cutting width 1 600 mm
Cutting height 20 mm
Number of replaceable blades 4
Number of replaceable counter-blades 1
Slope mowing area 12º
Working speed 4 – 12 km/h
Drive From the tractor PTO by articulated telescopic shaft and angular gear
PTO rotation 540 turns/min
Weight 210 kgs