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PTO Hydraulic Power Packs AHF

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PTO Hydraulic Power Packs

The PTO Hydraulic Power Packs is designed for the external hydraulic pump with an oil cooler to power machines and hydraulic devices that require an efficient source of hydraulic drives such as weeder machines connected to the front of the tractor such LUCY orchard weeding machine, agricultural and forestry machines (forage harvesters, spreaders, wrappers, winches, shredders) construction machinery, municipal machines ( sweepers, snow plough, sand spreaders), orchard machines, trimmers and many others.

Advantages and benefits:

  • In case of tractors have insufficient flow rate, the hydraulic pump is used to supply the working machine directly
  • Relieves the tractor’s hydraulic system and prevents it from overheating
  • Enables the use of implements with different tractors on one frame.
  • The PTO shaft does not require as the pump is mounted directly on the tractor PTO.
Technical specifications
Mounting method (Rear) 3-point Linkage CAT 1and CAT 2
Cooler system oil cooler with thermostat
Max Hydraulic pump flow 67 Litre/minute
Tank Capacity 75 litres
PTO Profile 1.3 / 8 ”PTO profile 6 splines
Max Pressure 230 Bar
Min Pressure 190 Bar
PTO Rotation 220-540 rpm
Width 970 mm
Height 1450 mm
Length 550 mm
Weight ~ 150 kg (+ 60 kg Oil)